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For this site? Wow!

The following are awards graciously bestowed on these pages. Arm twisting is not necessary to accept more of them. All will be proudly displayed here for your viewing enjoyment. Feel free to click on any award shown to be transported to the bestower's site where you may nominate your own or someone else's fabulous site for the very same honor:

Sage's Fun Award

My first award

The above award is presented by the amazingly talented Susan Sage

Normally a biking award!

For grammatical excellence

Given to Electronic Fingerpaints

You are listening to "Getting Better" by the Beatles....ain't it the truth?"

This section is for what just didn't fit elsewhere...causes and concerns, words of gratitude, memberships....maybe even hopes and dreams and wishes:

I have been inducted into the The Society of Childlike Grownups....please click on the icon to see what that encompasses:

You may nominate yourself or another for this honor.

In the same line as The Society above, please feel free to enjoy what it is like to Be A Kid Again:

Shake the snowball!

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Or, you could just stomp your foot and go !

To apply for one of my awards, do the Snoopy Happy Dance:
Houston, TX
United States of America

"...and it's getting so much better all the time!"