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An Actual E-mail Letter....From A Dad To A Friend

I could start writing now and start to tell you how much I love my children, but a message would come up saying that, "this page is too big to be shown completely."

I must be honest though, when my wife and I were first married, there was no way that I wanted children. "The world is too miserable a place to bring more life into, and children are such a burden and responsibility!"

But, as the years passed, so did my reasons for not wanting children! You start to think about things like; my wife and I might make wonderful children, and what if one of the children we make, one might discover the cure for cancer or save the environment....somebody's child will do something wonderful for mankind, what if it's my child? And so, as probably has been the case for centuries upon centuries, you put aside your "fears" for yourself and your children and you put "hope" as the main focus of your love for your wife and for the new child that will soon be yours!

Then the day comes that your child is to be born and your whole entire universe changes forever!!!

You and your wife have just done the most amazing miracle that can be achieved by human have created LIFE!!! You just can't understand the impact of such a thing until it happens to you! At that point in my life I realized that there will never be anything so grand as having a baby!!!

With that you also realize there is more responsibility that you must face than ever in your life.....or at least you should!

You are responsible for that child until he or she is old enough and wise enough to leave your home and be on their own. This is where I feel the difference between a good parent and a parent raising a child is made or broken! You MUST dedicate yourself to raising your child! And that means being there, in all forms and manners of the phrase, "being there" - heart, mind, body and soul! Great kids don't just happen - they are made great by great parenting. You have no idea how many times I stop what I'm doing to be there. It's necessary!

I'm no expert on raising kids, but I do know Love conquers all! So, in my humble quest to be a good parent, I'm going to be there as much as humanly possible and Love them every minute of my life!!!!!!!

I "lifted" this email and made it a webpage because I was so moved by this letter. I have changed nothing but omitted the names. I hope you are as touched by it as I was....and if you are, pass it on!

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