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botabano's intro page



My name is Lynda. I live in Houston, Texas with my husband, Jerry.
We do not have any little "crumb-snatchers," but have two crazy mutts
named Greta & Gracie.
I audit dealerships for GMAC and Jerry is a loan officer
for a financial institution.

It seems as if all our time is spent working, but
that's not really true. I love to read, garden,
and snorkel.

I really DIG this internet...
the possibilities are endless! Meet a penpal, listen to clips from your
favorite movies, learn about other countries, read a newspaper,
play a game, send "virtual gifts," look at live pictures, the list goes
on and on.

I have included groovy links below like those mentioned above
and also links to our friends and family (or stuff so cool it had to be shared!).

I will be updating this page as I surf about and gather more!

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You are listening to "Ticket to Ride" by the Beatles - ties in nicely, don't you think?

beep beep!

PLEASE sign the guestbook so I'll know you were here.....and, if you know what "botabano" means (or you want to know),

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(Updated October 22, 2000)
Houston, TX
United States



and my toy

This is my attempt at redesign...
Hopefully, it will be a little more organized and easier
to navigate.

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