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This page is a collection of religious and spiritual sites
I have gathered on my journeys in the Web.

There are some I endorse and embrace.
There are others I do not.
And still, I believe there is much to be learned and
experienced in each.

Please feel free to explore any and all that you wish.

If you have a site, or know of a site that would be appropriate
for this page, please let me know.

Spirit Connections

Spirituality (Internet Links)
Conversations With God
Monastery of Christ in the Desert
The Gnosis Archive
Online Devotions
Humanistic Judaism
Taoism and Zen
A Course In Miracles
Arachne's Web
Spiritual Springtime
How to Talk New Age
Sufi-related Resources
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Comparative Religion
Judaism 101
Catholic Prayers
Mahatma Ghandi Quotes
Description of 63 Religions, Faith Groups, and Ethical Systems
Houston Baha'i Website
St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Community of Houston, TX
The InnerVoice Magazine
Divine Knowledge (Hindu)
The Daily Motivator
Unity Church of Christianity in Houston
Love Lessons
SpiritExchange (an email group)

Just Thinking.....

Whether we know it or not, we are all on a spiritual journey.

To me, it is the trip that is important. Stop wondering when you're going
to get there, and look out the window!
When you pull over, get out and enjoy where you are.

If you find yourself somewhere you don't want to be, move on.

Treat each other decently. Remember your manners. Especially use them
with those you love - we seem to be least courteous to our loved ones.

There are miracles and wonders all around us!

Don't fret.

Relish in your friends - is there a more wonderful blessing?

Respect nature.

We are all One.

There is enough.

All we need is Love.

Laugh a lot.

Laugh some more.

Laugh again!

More Spirit Connections

Spirituality for Today
The Western Taoist
Awaken to Prayer
Spirituality Page
Spirituality and Humor
Circle of Atonement
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment
Are You Happy?
The Celestine Prophecy - The Nine Insights
Baha'i Faith: Overviews
Baha'i Faith Links
Angel Links - a gift from a special friend
Christian Classics Ethereal Librar
The Atheism Web
Internet Theology Resources
The Cyber Psychic (how to meditate)
Contemporary Meditation
The Magic of Meditation
How to Meditate
Topics in the Edgar Cayce Readings
Zen Stories
Odyssey of the Soul
Prayer and Meditation Gems
Window On The Wall
Kahlil Gibran - "The Prophet"
Shree Maa Ashram
EarthLight Magazine
The Sign
Winter Solitude
Extracts from the Baha'i Writings
Meditation Handbook
Gary Zukav's Website
The Self-Realization Fellowship
Facets of Religion
World Prayers
Living Life Fully

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